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Spring 2014 / SCC Astronomy Course
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Section 1 - Developing Perspective

 Section 2 - Key Concepts of Astronomy

Section 3 - Planets and Solar Systems


Section 4 - Our Sun and Stars

Section 5 - Galaxies

What is a Black Hole? Black Hole Facts

Section 6 - Cosmology and Life in the Universe

Hidden Matter Glows w/X-Rays"Never mind about dark matter. Forget dark energy. Astronomers aren't even sure of the whereabouts of most of the cosmos' ordinary material: protons, neutrons, and electrons. New findings add to the evidence that two-thirds of this matter resides not in galaxies but in warm gas clouds that surround them."
       - Ron Cowen, Science News

Section 7 - Beyond Astronomy



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Billions and Billions Served...

The Cosmic Perspective, 7e,
Media Edition w/ Sky Gazer & eText Student Access Kit (Pearson)

The Cosmic Perspective, 7e

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Where are we? Locate the Quad Cities by Longitude and Latitude with your favorite mapping program?

The ACCEL campus is roughly at N 41.575427 W 90.547048.

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I would be remiss if I did not give credit and kudos to the late Carl Sagan for his inspiring work in Astronomy. Please visit the following links.

- A Pale Blue Dot
- The Planetary Society
The SETI Project
- SETI@home
The Cosmic Calendar




What movies have you seen recently that take liberties with science? Movie misconceptions are common, can you have an entertaining movie that still has accurate science?

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